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In 2015, 2017 and 2019 PostNL Pharma & Care conducted an independent survey about the Good Distribution Practice (GDP). This year 67 organisations in the chain participated. Despite the fact that knowledge about the guidelines and compliance is increasing, there are still major differences in the chain and there is a great need for knowledge and training! That’s why we made this GDP Audit Manual where you will find an overview of all relevant aspects of the guidelines and audits.


Audit Manual with practical checklist
Based on interviews, tips of experts and with an extensive checklist, we want to provide support to the sector for the better application of the European GDP guidelines in the storage, distribution, delivery and receipt of all healthcare products.  Download the GDP Audit manual for free.  If you have any questions please let us know.

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Speakers GDP Masterclass 2019

Stefaan Vandist

Foresight and innovation speaker. Author We, Myself & A.I

In his role as strategic planner in the advertisement sector, Stefaan Vandist came early in contact with trends and market research. Afterwards, he developed his one-man business as a future explorer. He is well known with innovation, sustainability and storytelling.

Veronique de Sitter

GDP auditor at Qualigave

Veronique de Sitter is QA consultant and is experienced in GDP audits and inspections.

Thomas de Rijdt

Boardmember VZA

Head of Pharmacy at the University Hospitals Leuven. As board member of the national and regional professional associations of hospital pharmacists he’s familiar with governance and regulations and contributes to a new vision on the hospital pharmacy of the future.

Nicolas Vannieuwenhuyze

General Manager at PostNL Pharma & Care

Nicolas Vannieuwenhuyze, General manager PostNL Pharma & Care has gained experience for 10 years within the pharmaceutical industry and is now responsible for the Pharma & Care division at PostNL Belgium.  

Jens van Krieken

Head of Pharmacy at AZ Sint-Maarten

Jens van Krieken is Head of Pharmacy at AZ Sint-Maarten, the big winner of the IFMA Awards 2019. In addition he is boardmember of the Belgian association of hospital pharmacists (BVZA-ABPH) and boardmember of the Flemish association of hospital pharmacists (VZA).

Arjan Rattink

Director at RVS Marketing

Arjan Rattink is director of marketing agency RVS Marketing, NIMA-B examinator and SMP (Senior Marketing Professional). Arjan is a specialist in the field of research marketing.  

Program GDP Masterclass 2019Thursday, 19th of September 2019

12:30 Welcome and lunch

13:30 – 14:15 Nicolas Vannieuwenhuyze, General Manager at PostNL Pharma & Care and Arjan Rattink, RVS Marketing
Presentation research results GDP Audits 2019. This summer PostNL Pharma & Care will research the GDP Audits experiences. Together with Arjan Rattink from RVS Marketing he will give a presentation about the results and facts. What are the most common issues with the audit findings, what needs to be improved and is the knowledge level of Quality Managers sufficient?

14:15 – 15:00 Veronique de Sitter, consultant at Qualigave
Keynote: The real GDP Audit findings. General GDP checklists are useful for preparing an audit or inspection. Yet these checklists often remain general. In this presentation we will dig deeper per GDP chapter. Based on my experience with GDP audits and inspections, we will go more into detail. In fact, the questions we will handle during my presentation are based on real audit findings and audit inspections. This presentation can be used as an extra checklist during audit preparations.

15:00 – 15:45 Break

15:45 – 16:15 Jens Van Krieken, Head of Pharmacy at AZ Sint-Maarten
During his keynote: ‘Hospital Pharmacy 2.0’ Jens van Krieken will talk about the new AZ Sint-Maarten. When building the new AZ Sint-Maarten to house 3 separate hospitals, they had a dream to improve their pharmaceutical care to the highest standards. Jens van Krieken will explain the challenges they were facing and how they developed a new way of medication distribution in the hospital. The key concepts of the new distribution proces are: high quality, multiple checks, traceability, closed loop, efficiency and Unit Dose.

AZ Sint-Maarten is the big winner of the IFMA Awards 2019. They won the prize of the professional jury and the audience prize.

16:15 – 16:45 Thomas de Rijdt, Head of Pharmacy at VZA
A presentation about the GDP, challenge and opportunity for hospital pharmacists. The profession of hospital pharmacist changed over the years from simple compounder over box mover to interdisciplinary therapy provider. The new tasks require new skills to check the appropriateness of medication therapy and to counsel patients and the other health care professionals.
Guidelines and quality systems became stricter, costs are rising and hospitals are evolving towards networks. This pushes the sector to standardization, automation, centralisation and scale increase in order to guarantee a positive cost/benefit ratio in providing the optimal therapy to the patient.
Next to the clinical role the hospital pharmacist must excel in compounding and distribution according GxP guidelines.

16:45 – 17:30 Innovation sesssion by Stefaan vandist
How the future of Logistics is determined by We, Myself & A.I (Artificial Intelligence).
Either the combination of inter-human (We), human (Myself) and extra-human intelligence (AI)- rewrites the rules in just about every sector. Based on observations in inland and abroad we look at what that means voor the logistics sector and how a next stop on the horizon will be formed. 

17:30 – 18:30 Networking with drinks and tapas


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